Basil Read awarded contract to construct airport on St Helena Island

Construction company Basil Read has been awarded the contract to design, build, operate and transfer an airport on the Island of St Helena by the Government of St Helena. The project is being funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), a department of the British government.

The design phase of the R2.7-billion project is scheduled to commence immediately, and construction is estimated to take place over a 48-month period. The scope of work entails a 1 850 m quality concrete runway with taxiway and apron to cater for aircraft up to the size of an Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800, approximately 8 million m³ rockfill embankment through which a 750m long reinforced concrete culvert will run, an airport terminal building of 3 500m²and support infrastructure, air traffic control and safety, bulk fuel installation for 6 million litres of diesel and aviation fuel, a 14 km airport access road, , and all related logistics.

After construction, the operations phase of the airport contract will continue in partnership with Lanseria Airport for a further period of ten years at an estimated contract value of R450-million.

Located approximately 1 900 km from Africa, with Ascension Island as its nearest neighbour over 1 000 km away, the island of St Helena, measuring 16km by 8 km, is one of the world’s most remote locations. Home to a population of just over 4 000, the island’s only lifeline to the outside world has been the RMS St Helena, the only regular ship to call at St Helena. As a community that has no internal resources or industry to support its economy, the British government has been providing extensive financial support to the island, the majority of which is spent on maintaining and operating the RMS St Helena. It is hoped that the new airport will address some of the socio-economic difficulties on the island, and boost the prosperity of islanders through tourism and help stop the exodus of its already small population seeking work in Britain.

The Basil Read group’s order book following this award is valued at R12.5-billion.

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