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Our people

Our success as a leading company in the construction and mining sectors is driven by each individual we employ locally and internationally. We believe that better business decisions – and stronger business performance – are driven by groups of competent, high-caliber individuals operating in a diverse environment.

Managing our people

Basil Read’s performance depends on a highly-skilled, motivated and talented workforce.

We are focused on protecting the safety of our employees, engaging with them, and increasing the diversity of our workforce so that it reflects the societies in which we operate.

We strive to create and maintain safe and healthy working environments and to apply robust operating and maintenance practices at our facilities.

Basil Read is one of the leading construction companies in terms of electronic SHEQ management reporting systems, which provides the framework for real-time trend analysis and a proactive approach.

Training and development

Basil Read runs a number of skills development initiatives to address the scarce and critical skills within the company. Focus was on upskilling our own employees whilst also ensuring that the communities around our developments were also empowered with new skills to ensure that we left behind a legacy of learning.

The focus on our employees included internal bursaries, learnerships, computer skills, SHEQ and job specific training as identified in our skills needs analysis to ensure their continual development and to encourage life‑long learning.

Employee wellness

Two years ago, we established an in-house occupational health clinic that, in addition to related services, also provides basic medical evaluations for all employees. This allows individuals to monitor their health indicators regularly and seek medical assistance where necessary.

We take a holistic approach to employee wellness and, through our healthcare brokers and medical aid administrators, we provide various services from employee wellness days, HIV/AIDS testing and support to trauma and other counselling.

The gym facilities and restuarant in the corporate office also give employees the opportunity to follow a balanced lifestyle while at work.