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At Basil Read we are committed to our mission of delivering safe, profitable projects and services. Our aim is to proactively reduce the frequency and severity of injuries. In addition to complying with safety regulations and entrenching the necessary systems, we also promote individual responsibility for safety throughout the organization


Our business depends as much on the skill of our people as it does on the equipment we use. Our primary focus, therefore, is ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. Training is an integral part of this focus.

How we manage safety

Safety is one of our key values driven by our leadership and applied through our operating management system.

As it is clearly spelt out in our SHEQ Policy document, Basil Read strives to create and maintain ZERO HARM in the workplace.

We are committed to the continuous identification of hazards, assessment of risks and implementation of controls. Planned Visible Felt Leadership (VFL) visits by management to workplaces, create a platform for both management and employees to discuss daily safety challenges of the tasks at hand.

Safety highlights

Basil Read Mining

By December 2016, the mining division reached a milestone by exceeding 5 million hours worked without a lost-time injury. The above performance translates to one year without a lost time injury, the first in five years. A certificate of Safety Excellence in pursuit of Zero Harm was awarded to Basil Read by De Beers at their global safety day event held at Venetia mine, recognising an outstanding contribution to safety improvement on site.

Basil Read Construction

The Construction Division recorded outstanding safety performances on three sites:

  • Medupi Ash Dumps: 5 million hours without an LTI.
  • Olifants River Water resource development project: one year without an LTI.
  • Port Shepstone magistrate’s court achieved second place in the Master Builders regional safety competition.


Strategic focus for 2017 – 2018

To align with the Basil Read vision and mission, our focus will be to foster a quality culture with the objectives of developing, engineering and striving to provide products and services with zero defects that are trusted and preferred by our customers. We will continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality management system and encourage quality responsibilities among all our employees to protect our customers and our brand.

The alignment of the quality assurance strategy is shown below:


The model below summarises the Basil Read SHEQ integrated operating system.


Targets 2016 Actual 2017 Target
Zero new cases of occupational illness 0 0
One health promotion session per quarter 4 4

At Basil Read, we believe that protecting our employees is not just about keeping them safe at work. It is about helping them remain healthy by understanding their health risks as well as ensuring they understand the safety and environmental risks.

In its third year, the Basil Read in-house clinic conducted 3930 (2015: 3 890) medical examinations to determine fitness for work, and a medical surveillance programme comprising:

  • Pre-employment
  • Periodic/annual and
  • Exit medical examinations.