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Our contribution to society

Although most of our business activities are projects with specified durations, our aim is to leave a legacy wherever we operate by contributing to sustainable initiatives that enhance communities' lives and create opportunities for them to become self reliant and economically active. We belive strategic CSI offers an opportunity for shared value between our business and the communities they intend to serve.

2016 corporate social investment (CSI)

We believe real stakeholder engagement must address real needs. However, the scale of needs in South Africa is beyond the means of a single company. As such, a coordinated approach to social responsibility that harnesses the resources and skills of our people, our partners, government stakeholders and even our competitors is most likely to leave a lasting legacy – one with tangible benefits for entire communities.

In the review period, over 40% of our investment of R6.1 million was allocated to education at primary and high school level.

  • Education
    • Refurbishing schools
    • Installing interactive boards in classrooms
    • Sponsoring winter schoo
    • Improving access to internship programme
    • Enhancing teaching skills, particularly maths and science
    • Maintaining sports facilities
    • Building self-esteem (from providing school uniforms to matric dance dresses and sporting kit)
  • Income generation (particularly youth development)
  • Community development

Basil Read aims to leave a legacy where we operate through infrastructure enhancement with lasting benefits for communities. This was embodied through various CSI initiatives in 2016:

  • Basil Read participated in the launch of a national campaign to celebrate 4.3 million houses and housing opportunities delivered since the dawn of democracy by the Minister of Human Settlements. The launch, held at Cosmo City, coincided with the 10th anniversary of our developments division.
  • Basil Read launched various initiatives in the Blouberg municipality in Limpopo, detailed below.

Blouberg municipal district projects

Basil Read has invested some R7.4 million in the Blouberg municipal district over the past year. These projects are part of the client’s (De Beers Venetia mine) mining licence requirements.

We are also building an old-age support facility near Kromhoek Village, with a small bathroom, kitchen and utility room, which will be kitted to produce clean drinking water for the village. The municipality has agreed to supply the land, water and electricity at cost and Basil Read will build the facility. The drinking water is supplied via a purification system and Basil Read will assist in the production of bottled drinking water for the first year to help them make a sustainable business in supplying water to the mine and Alldays community. The company will also assist in project and financial management, training and business development.

We have made the necessary arrangements that the mine and shop owners in the district will support the drinking water initiative by purchasing bottled water from the community to ensure the project generates cash flow to support the elderly in the area and becomes sustainable.

This non-profit organisation will generate its own income and, even if Basil Read withdraws, the project will be sustainable.

Donations and sponsorships

In support of persons living with disability, Basil Read supported the national casual day campaign. The funds raised were donated to Con Amor School, a  school for learners with severe intellectual disabilities and specific learning requirements. The school has 347 learners ranging from 6 to 20 years old who come from impoverished circumstances and cannot make any contribution towards bus and school fees. From funds raised through initiatives such as Casual Day, the school is able to provide a midday meal to learners as part of their learning programme and assist with clothing and other supplies where they can.  

Mandela Day

Our people participated willingly and generously in our Mandela Day initiatives, collecting blankets and food for the annual Business Against Crime initiative, and hosting fun days that included educational activities to strengthen children’s physical development.

We also responded to immediate needs and galvanised other companies to assist when a fire destroyed 15 homes in an informal settlement near our Malibongwe Ridge development. Together, we provided food parcels and essential items, as well as school uniforms.